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Not so long ago, various illnesses were something you suffered and might go to the doctor or let it go unnoticed. As something of discomfort that was part of life or profession. The health insurance policies were divided into health insurance and private. Earnings were determining where you were placed. Now we are required to have health insurance. And,.. which has become too expensive for many, and various things are not reimbursed. You can wait until you get sick and you can ensure that your body and region are in optimal condition. And there’s the rub. Often you do not know that you have high blood pressure or cholesterol. And that the stress has taken over you and we will survive and continue in the ’struggle of Life’. The last 5 years there is more and more awareness in keeping your own body ‘in shape’ in order to avoid a doctor’s visit. But our world has become such a “make and fix world” that thinking about healthy living is starting to limp. Many people are convinced that what I eat or drink, if I should fall and if I do become pregnant, can all be ‘repaired’. But the impact that is in the body and especially the mind is hereby conveniently pushed aside. However, research shows that increasing the impact of healthcare figures is increasing. Because the actual impact has been downplayed and the consequences have to be solved afterwards in a longer process. Now,… there are systems - small devices - that have an incredible impact on the physical and mental well-being of everyone. “Small but nice” my grandmother always said! And she’s right because with modern electronics it doesn’t have to be big and bulky anymore. AmoLab has now developed a very small device and has done research with which the vagus nerve can be influenced. In such a way that you don’t notice it and it goes through frequencies. Just like the radio station broadcasts a program and you can hear it and a feeling comes with it. One makes you calm and ACDC makes you nervous! With a very sophisticated system, the amofit-s can influence the Nervus vagus by means of frequencies. The vagus nerve is the main nerve that originates in the brain and runs throughout the body, communicating with all vital parts of the body. Why is it necessary to use this now? The cells throughout our body are renewed. Every 7 years you have a completely new body made from scratch. But why am I not getting younger? This system copies the existing cells and turns them into new similar cells. These cells can become different due to mutations and errors. Just look at the increasing number of discolorations, birthmarks, etc. on the skin. In addition, medication use, eating-drinking habits, drugs and smoking play an important role in the production and function of the cells. In short, a lot can go wrong and cause disturbances with all consequences for the signal transfer vis this Nervus Vagus. Since the vagus nerve constantly communicates with all vital parts of the body, you can understand that quite a lot can go wrong if cells that work well or have different functions due to mutations. Now, the amofit-s gets the vagus nerve back to doing what it’s supposed to do, communicating and getting biofeedback.
This has a positive effect on:
* internal Balance
* Reduce stress (quickly)
* Reduce fears
* Improving sleep
* Improving memory
* Improving thinking
* Enhance energy
* Improving potency
* Tidy feeling in yourself
* Empty head
* Relieve chronic diseases related to nerve problems

Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve is Good for:
* Insomnia
* Energy too short
* LungCovid
* Crohn’s disease
* Obesity weight problems
* Over tiredness
* Burnout
* Tinnitus - in the ear
* Throat swallowing problems.
* Hiccups
* Migraines
* Cold hands / feet
* Stomach problems
* Bowel problems
* Stop inflammation
* Blood sugar balance
* fertility problems
* Learn to guess
* Concentration
* Asthma
* Eczema
* Hormone disruptions
* Rheumatic Arthritis
* Fears -> about active
* Allergies
* Heartburn problems

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