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The reviews from customers.

Dear All,
We all suffer from it in this group: ADHD. Each in his / her own way and strength, which has a considerable influence on at least my daily life. Sometimes I'm really fed up and I crave some rest. Rest in my head and body. My friend suddenly came up with a small device that I could hang around my neck or click on my revert. An effect could already be measured within an hour and after several days the effects quickly increased and it gave me:
* Less feeling that things have to. The "must" is gone,
* Rest in head and chest
* Feeling like I "Don't have to run after every thought"
* Less conversation with self. And when they come I can let it go much more now. Let go!
* Army feeling in chest.
* Overall Calm feeling when things go differently than I expected or imagined. I can let it go now.
* Things I get into my head stay smaller and worry less!
* Relaxed feeling in her body
* Also with and during sports
* I have an inflamed hip and this also bothers me considerably less. The ignition is attacked and eliminated by the same device.
In short, for me a very big positive change in my life which makes it a lot more fun for me and my environment!

I have ADHD and Sudden Long File. On the highway. She absolutely can't stand this kind of thing
Stuff. She flies as if from anger annoyance through the entire car and swears and rants at everyone and in nothing. So the amofit -S was a good test. Went very well no stress. And,..Happy and singing along with the radio and dancing on her chair and got out of the car fresh and fruity after 1/ 1/2 car ride instead of the 40 minutes she had calculated for it.
Brain stroke ~ CVA
After my CVAs I had a trapped feeling in my head and upper body. I also lacked the energy to really do things, with all the consequences that entailed. I became different to my environment and felt less fit. I came into contact with the method of activating the Nervus Vagus (the most important nerve in the human body). From the moment I put this device - amofit-S around my neck, everything changed.
I now feel free and much emptier in head and upper body, much more energy and in balance! This internal balance makes me happy and shine again! This also gave me a better night's sleep, and the feeling of stress disappeared completely!! Reborn!
An incredible change and I have become a different person and see another beautiful horizon looming before me.

After an accident with several injuries, the energy had disappeared from my body. I couldn't get ahead. Tried everything and lived even healthier than before. And took all kinds of nutrients etc to make me feel better. But it had very little effect. After a long search on the internet and reading countless books, I came across Vagus Nervus activation / stimulation. And An went to work and found a very special system that can hang around your neck or be attached to your reference / jersey. And,… it has such a big impact on my system. More energy, much more, and an empty, tidy sense of balance within myself