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A lot of research has been done before we launch the amoFit-S. 

Scientific Evidence
The VNS technology applied to amofit S was developed based on thousands of peer-reviewed papers, and its effectiveness was proven in the actual clinical trials. In a placebo-controlled study conducted at the KRISS, amofit S increased activities of the parasympathetic nervous system by up to 187%.

The result of analysis of ECG to evaluate the stress relaxation effects of AMO+ products are as follows:
1) There were significant changes in HF ratio on ECG after use of AMO+ for a short term (2 hours). It is thought that the parasympathetic nervous system is acti vated by wearing the product in the experiment. It is considered that AMO+ induces relaxation and sleep because parasympathetic activation dilates blood vessels and relaxes the mind and body.
2) However, there was no significant difference in HF ratio on ECG after use of fake product for a short term (2 hours).
3) There were significant changes in HF ratio on ECG after use of AMO+ in a long term (72 hours). This demonstrated that AMO+ not only has the short term effects, but also provides the long term effects, activating the parasympathetic nervous system.
4) The effect of activating the parasympathetic nervous system of AMO+ is considered effective for sympathetic hyperactivity (immune depression, increased fatigue, insomnia, etc.) suffered by many modern people due to heavy work load and stress.

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