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For Whom? and For whom not?

cVES (cervicothoracic vagus electromagnetic stimulation) is a vagus nerve stimulation technique involving in the balance of the autonomic nervous system by delivering complex electromagnetic signals to the heart and the vagus nerve branches connected to the heart. Vagus nerve stimulation influences a variety of important autonomic functions in the brain and in the body, including neurotransmitter levels, inflammatory levels and metabolism.
cVES targets specific nerve within a 9 inch radius, surpassing other noninvasive neurostimulation techniques which are limited to local treatment.

 amofit S involves in restoring the autonomic balance using low-frequency electromagnetic field signals. It rapidly improves insomnia and anxiety as well as stabilizing heart rate and respiration rate and reducing stress levels.
This device is a consumer wellness product that induces relaxation in the nervous system and is used during daytime or before bed to help maintain stable brain waves and autonomic nervous system activities, thereby restoring the balance of the bodily state.

How Does It Work?

amofit S, with AMO Lab's proprietary neuromodulation technology, cVES (cervicothoracic vagus electromagnetic stimulation), targets the vagus nerve in the human's autonomic nervous system. With a mild intensity similar to the innate magnetic field generated by the human body itself, the electromagnetic signal passes through the skin, muscles, and bones without any interference. It then is transmitted to the vagus nerve in the heart area. This signal regulates the vagal tone and activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

'amofit S' provides two healing modes. After powering on the device, you can switch from CALM mode to FOCUS mode by pressing the touch area. CALM mode can increase the vagal tone and activate the parasympathetic nervous system to improve sleep, stress, and anxiety and correct the body's internal balance, as well as help with chronic diseases related to problems in the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervous system. FOCUS mode can enhance memory and creativity by increasing alpha brain waves.
Attach the device to your collar using the clip on the back of the device or wear it like a necklace around your neck. This simple, sophisticated device will improve your dignity.

Rapid Effects
According to our clinical studies and the reviews from our users, more than 60% of users experience the benefits after the first 1-3 days of use. Most importantly, clinical reports demonstrate that people with severe symptoms experience higher effects. Additionally, most users, particularly those with severe sleep problems, report significant improvement on the first day of use.

Who Is This For?
It would be the perfect gift for your beloved family.

People Exposed to Stress & Anxiety
It can reduce various mental stresses due to factors including uncertain future, job loss, overworking, competitive relationships, and health problems. It also relieves psychological conflict or external stress and the resulting anxiety and tension.

The increase in alpha brain waves, representing the calm state of mind, can improve concentration and memory, thus maximizing your learning ability and enhancing problem-solving ability and creativity.

The Elderly
As we age, the balance of the autonomic nervous system is disrupted. Anti-aging and natural healing ability can be enhanced when homeostatic autoregulation is improved by recovering the balance of the autonomic nervous system

Patients with Chronic Diseases
The effects of activating the vagal tone and parasympathetic nervous system can help overcome chronic diseases such as vagus nerve and autonomic nervous system disorders.

Who cannot use it?
- Pregnant women
- People who have had an organ transplant
- Patients with epilepsy - Children under the age of 5
- People with electronic or ferromagnetic implants (implantable devices)
※ Electronic implants: prosthetic heart valves, pacemakers, morphine and insulin pumps, implantable defibrillator, etc.
※ ※ People with dental implants, nonmagnetic implants, or implants with weak magnetism (ex. artificial joint replacement, prosthesis, etc.) can use the device.